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Enjoying Sunset

Transforming Education Through Technology

Our Story

We are a group of individuals who have a deep understanding of the Indian school and higher education system and have relevant knowledge of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) used in the teaching-learning process. We are very enthusiastic about implementing ICT in schools, colleges, and universities; thus, students and teachers can take advantage of technology. Accordingly, we provide the consultancy to adopt the “Open Source ICT tools” at a modest price to enhance an institution's admission and teaching-learning processes. We support delivering training to academic staff for maximising and productive use of ICT in teaching-learning activities. 

Our Philosophy

Teachers and educational institutes can steer an initiative to revolutionise education by making their digital strategy. Unquestionably ICT tools make learning more apparent and exciting to students. To reach the goal, we embarked on the Unicorn EduTech. The genuine philosophy of the initiative is to assist the School and College to adopt the EdTech Tools available as Open source on the web.

How We Can Help You

We welcome the enthusiastic customers 


We can develop an intuitive website with search engine optimisation.


We can deploy the open-source ICT tools and provide the hands-on training

Data Driven

We can run digital advertisements in a cost-effective way for the admission campaign 


We write accurate and understandable content for booklets, brochures, leaflets etc.


Nosegay Public School

G-Suite Deployment

Jain Group of Institutions


Web Development & G-Suite Deployment



Good Shepherd Public School

G-Suite Deployment

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